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Master Planning

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Master Planning requires the skills and input from a wide range of professional fields: owner’s representatives in facility management and administration, research, fundraising, visitor services, marketing, education, engineering and in zoological instances, animal management/husbandry professionals and veterinary sciences.  As consultants, we count on experts in the field and the client to bring forward the needed criteria to make the plan fit the application.  Using an interactive workshop format, Ursa weaves together all of the important elements to create individually tailored Master Plans for our clients.

Most Master Plans involve:
1. Data Collection
2. Programming and Assessment
3. Concept Design
4. Concept Development
5. Draft Master Plan
6. Final Master Plan

Workshop-based Design Process with Client Team

A series of intensive on-site Workshops from Blue Sky, to Deep Water, from Consensus Building exercises into Concept Master Planning and Drafts and Final Master Plan Phases to move quickly but comprehensively through the complex Planning issues of the project.

Each of these workshops are summarized by a Workshop Manual, which reviews the entire session's progress and points to the goals and objectives of the next workshop.  During the period between workshops, Ursa refines the design documents and accurately depicts the design intent and concept.

Use this link to access our MASTER PLANNING project briefs