Ursa International

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We believe that...

as spiritual beings, having a human experience on this Earth, we are intimately connected both with all of humanity and with all of nature around us.  We believe that it is important to honor that connection and to help preserve it.  We aim to restore that human/nature connection to those who may have lost it - to our urban communities, to rural sprawl, and to our "bigger is better" economy. 

We aim to bring people together from all nations and all walks of life to create a vision and a reality that is shared by all, so that any "us versus them" concerns fade away into only the harmony of true brother/sister-hood.  This vision and reality includes all creatures and all elements, air, water, earth, fire, and spirit, that help sustain Life.  Our goals are peace, harmony, and understanding.  As Ursa International, we achieve these goals in the specialized areas of Zoo Design, Ecotourism Planning and Community Development.

We respect the Wild, and learn from it. Each project allows us to delve into a specific habitat and immerse ourselves in what it has to teach. We study the plants, animals and culture of the place to look for ways to bring the look and feel of those places into our projects.

As our client, you are honored as a mentor.  You teach us, as we listen to your ideas, dreams, concerns, realities, and plans.  We assist you in assimilating these random thoughts into a created unified vision.  As a team, we help you bring this vision into reality, through next-steps/action plans, design documents, fundraising materials, and construction and implementation assistance.

We value openness, honesty, diversity and debate.  We believe that we learn from our differences and that all people (and creatures) have a unique and valuable story to tell and to teach.  We learn with you, and you learn with us. 

Together, we can make a better world.