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Primate Panorama

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Primate Panorama, is an 7-acre site featuring a wide range of primate species in outdoor habitats, interior day rooms and exhibits and interpretive sequences in two phases.  The design of this exhibit utilized interactive workshops to integrate user programming and participation.  The first phase completed in 1996, included exhibits and holding facilities for Gorillas, Orangs, Mandrills, Gibbon, Guenon, Macaque, tropical Birds and smaller species in the Emerald Forest building with interior exhibits for Sako,Titi, Tamarins, Marmosets, Lemurs etc.
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I returned after 20 years to see what became of that expansive dream, concocted in the heads of Clayton Frieheit, and Gary Lee. I was lucky to be around at the time to pick up all the pieces and put this project together with the help of lots of talented individuals and companies.
20 years later, and the place looks great! It's a forest for Primates, created by Zoo Designers, but built and maintained by the Zoo.

Here are some photos from the current exhibit on a sunny day in Denver, 2014.
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