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Cohesive Community Planning or Rural Sprawl? 

Re-Evaluation of the Belize River Valley Communities and the
Community Baboon Sanctuary
Community Baboon Sanctuary, Belize

In 2000, Dr. Lash returned to the seven villages of the CBS and conducted 100 landowner interviews to re-evaluate landowner attitudes towards conservation and ecotourism opportunities,and to see what changes had taken place over the last eight years. Development of the natural resources had increased, family lands were being sold to outsiders, and the CBS was losing local support, while simultaneously gaining national and international support.  Taking into account what the villagers say they want, recommendations for a Regional Economic Development Master Plan will be made and presented to the communities in Spring 2001. Actions plans/Next steps will be identified in collaboration with villagers, CBS managers, national NGOs, and government agencies, to assess how to make this Master Plan a reality. 

This project was part of Dr. Lash's Doctoral dissertation in Forest Resources at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.