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Splash Fountain at Zoo Atlanta

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Painting by Dawn Kenney Martin at the Splash Fountain at Zoo Atlanta

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Bringing the WET to Wildlife!

The Zoo has for many years talked about some sort of a water feature for kids to cool off, and for Mom's to take a break. Ursa has been involved with several versions of this concept, but this is the first one that got built.

The Splash Fountain is two 30' dia. splash pads with 12 heads in each. There is a shady side and a sunny side with contour benched seating at both sides. It is a safe playground for the youngest visitors to the zoo.

It was a 4 month design, permitting, bid, and build project - cutting costs down to very little. This is a major win-win for Zoo Atlanta. We found that if we all work together, we could do anything! In the end, a donor stepped forward to underwrite the $300.000 project. We opened 2 days early for July 4th weekend previews.

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The top drawing represents the final plan, as approved and built, and the left drawing was one of the initial concept plans the most closely matches the final product, turned to align similar to the upper. Also note that the compass rose and earth graphics were unfortunately never installed.
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ART Inspired by our Splash Pad

During the Zoo's first annual "en plien air" Paint out and "Art Gone Wild" show and auction, Gail was drawn to purchase this great oil painting by Dawn Kenny Martin.

It feels very much like the place on a sunny day, children playing, parents resting - life at Splash Fountain.

Nevin purchased a Tiger watercolor - but that's a story for another webpage...