Ursa International

Polar Bear Expansion OPEN! October 2014

Existing Polar Bear Exhibit

The Existing Polar bear Exhibit was a 6.000 sf. (100K gallon) pool, with gunite beach and boulders for perching and looking cute.

But where can a bear dig?

A small sand pit at the back side of the exhibit was the only soft substrate in this "State of the Art" exhibit. But that was 1990. The pool was great for underwater viewing, and a overlook gave the visitor the whole exhibit in one view - in the sun, facing south. The new exhibit fills in the 'dangerous' rear moat (sacrificing a great through view) and building the expansion habitat in that 2 acre wooded site behind the existing exhibit. The new holding building is interconnected to the existing, and the two exhibit are interconnected, through the Ice Cave.

Existing Exhibit View to Expansion area
Existing Underwater Viewing - no change

Current view at Shade Structure Overlook

New Shade Structure

Chillin in the Shade at the Overlook


Site Landscape Plan


Site Section