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Boundless Budgies

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That’s a bunch of Budgies!

After completing the Bird Management Building at Zoo Atlanta, we designed and built a large walk-through Aviary for Parakeets. The primary mission was to allow children to have a fun experience with Birds in a safe place, but it’s also great for Adults. This 40’ x 60’ Aviary has over 700 parakeets as well as pheasants and ducks in the water feature. There is a 15’x 30’ bird holding building that provides housing for colder weather and for management and caring for the birds. There is also a Entry Pavilion designed as two vestibules for visitors to safely enter and leave the Aviary without loosing birds, as well as monitor visitor flow into this popular venue. There is a open gift shop and food stick sales desk and a hand-washing station in the pavilion, too. The Bird Management Building turned out to be a great addition for the Bird Department who had been requesting something like this for 20 years!

Bird Breeding and Management Building