Ursa International

Bonobo Research Station

Georgia Safari and Conservation Center
Madison Georgia
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Ursa was asked to assist the ACCI (Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative) with their move from their current home in Iowa - at the Great Ape Trust, to Georgia. There had been an offer to host the Bonobos in a new Safari Park currently being planned in Madison, Georgia. Our efforts have been to coordinate with the Safari Park to define a parcel of forest where we can begin to conceptualize and program the new facility. Our tasks are to:
1. determine if this is a synergetic relationship, then
2. determine what it would look like and how it would function, and
3. what it would cost (or maybe that was number 1!).

These are preliminary in nature and have yet to be fully vetted by the clients, but do offer a new direction for research stations to cooperate with new animal parks to reach a true hybrid, 21st century BioPark. Something we have been playing with for over 30 years.

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