Ursa International

Master Plans

Master Plans are defined as those projects where we work directly with the client to comprehensively look at the entire facility as a whole and discuss methods to match the physical plant with the Mission. These projects range in scope depending on the institutional requirements. utilizing a variety of consultants to address all aspects of the Park or a large portion of the park. Ursa International was responsible for the projects listed below as either part of a team or in some cases handling the entire scope of work. In some cases, we have continued on to develop phase I projects, and in others, these documents were used to raise funds for future development.

Zoo Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Brook Run Master Plan
DeKalb County
Atlanta, Georgia
Brandywine Zoo
Wilmington, Delaware
Roger Williams Park Zoo
North American Area Master Plan
Providence, Rhode Island
Bioparco Master Plan
Rome Zoo
Rome, Italy
Chimp Haven Master Plan I & II
Shreveport, Louisiana
White Oak Flats
Cherokee, North Carolina
Hope Zoo Master Plan I & II
Hope Zoo Development Plan
Kingston, Jamaica
Cape May County Park/Zoo
Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey
Blue Hills Reservation,
Trailside Center Master Plan
Boston, Massachusetts
Charles Paddock Zoo

Atascadaro, California