Ursa International

Zoological Exhibit Design

Zoological Exhibit Design projects are defined as those conservation and animal-based projects that focus on a specific site to develop a program that takes a concept plan into a built project. We work directly with the client to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of consultants that together can accomplish the project scope. We typically focus our efforts on the overall site design and animal management requirements of the project including Biological Criteria Programming, Habitat and Visitor Design elements, Visitor Amenities and Educational programming as well as Animal Safety and security systems. Ursa International was responsible for the projects listed below as part of an interdisciplinary team.

North Carolina Zoo
Asheboro, North Carolina
Kitera Forest Chimpanzee Reserve
Polar Bear Expansion Exhibit
Zoo Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Savanna Expansion
Complex Carnivores
Boundless Budgies/Bird Management Building
Giraffe Feeding Station
The Living Treehouse
Warthog and Meerkat Habitats
Rollins Children's Zoo (phase I & II)
Komodo Dragon Habitat
Monkeys of Makokou
Zoo New England, Stone Zoo
Stoneham, Massachusetts
Treasures of the Sierra Madre
Black Bear Habitat at Yukon Creek
Otter and Gibbon Exhibits
Zoo New England, Franklin Park Zoo
Boston, Massachusetts
Gorilla Management Plan and  Interior Exhibit
Tiger Habitat
Town of Cochrane
Northern Ontario, Canada
Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat
Bioparco Rome Zoo
Rome, Italy
Italian Brown Bear Habitat
Great Ape Exhibits
Dallas Zoo
Dallas, Texas
Exxon Tiger Exhibit
Primate Row