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Our Projects

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Concept Planning

Cyclorama and Elephant Savanna
Columbus State University Cougar Habitat, 2014
• International Center for Tropical Botony @ the Kampong, 2013
• Micke Grove Foosa Exhibit, 2013
Micke Grove Gibbon Exhibit, 2012
Micke Grove Snow Leopard Exhibit, 2012
• Monkey Jungle Vision Plan, 2012
• Ocelot Exhibit, North Carolina Zoo, 2012
• Chimp Haven Concept Plan Update, 2012
• Dewer Wildlife Trust/Zoo Atlanta Concept Plan, 2012
• Hope Zoo Concept Plan Update, 2011
Karisoke Research Center Concept Plan, 2010
National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium Plaza, 2009
Presidential Eco-park in Madagascar, 2007
• North Carolina Zoo, Polar Bear Expansion, 2007
• White Oak Flats, Cherokee, N.C., 2006
Zoo Atlanta, KidZone, 2005
Roger Williams Park Zoo: Polar Bear, 2005
• Hope Zoo Concept Plan, Jamaica, West Indies, 2003
• Duke Primate Center, Winterization Program, 1999

Master Planning

• Trailside Center at Blue Hill Reservation, 2008
Zoo Ljubljana Master Plan, 2007
Brandywine Zoo, Master Plan, 2006
• Cape May County Zoo, Master Plan, 2006
Chimp Haven Retirement Community, 2006
• Charles Paddock Zoo, Master Plan, 2004
Brook Run Master Plan, 2003
Roma Bioparco Master Plan, 2000

Zoological Design Projects

Zoo Atlanta, Complex Carnivores, 2010
Zoo Atlanta, Boundless Budgies/Bird Management Building 2009
Stone Zoo, Black Bear Habitat at Yukon Creek, 2007
North Carolina Zoo, Polar Bear Expansion, 2007
Franklin Park Zoo: Gorilla Management Plan, 2006
Treasures of the Sierra Madre, Zoo New England, 2003
Cochrane Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat, 2002
Rome Zoo, Italian Brown Bear, 1999
North Carolina Zoo, Kitera Forest Chimpanzee Reserve, 1999
Dallas Zoo, Exxon Tigers of Southeast Asia, 1998

“Back in the day” with CLRdesign

•  Primate Panorama at Denver Zoo, 1994
Rocky Coast at Seneca Park Zoo, 1994
•  Northern Trail at Woodland Park Zoo, 1994
•  The Birmingham Ecoplex, 1994
The Birmingham Zoo, 1993
•  Habitat Africa! at Brookfield Zoo, 1993
•  Los Angeles Zoo Master Plan, 1992
•  Concept Plan Park Tsimbazaza, Madagascar, 1992
•  Tropical Forest Habitats at Honolulu Zoo, 1991
Zoo Atlanta Redevelopment, 1986-1990

Peace Education
Atlanta Peace Trail Project , Atlanta, Georgia
Labyrinths and Peace Poles, Dancing Bear Labyrinth
Splash Fountain at Zoo Atlanta, 2013
Tourism for Peace Eco-Tours, Eco travel destinations (See tourismforpeace.org)
Peace Education Courses, "Peace Brain" Training (See peacebrain.org)

Community Ecotourism Projects
•  Involvement of Local People In Ecotourism
Women, Crafts and Conservation Attitudes
 Impacts of Feeding Wildlife by Tourists
Eco-Guide Training and Development
Rural Ecotourism Assessment Program (REAP)
Cohesive Community Planning or Rural Sprawl? Re-Evaluation of the Belize River Valley Communities and the Community Baboon Sanctuary
Red Wolves: Creating Economic Opportunity Through Ecotourism In Rural North Carolina