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10 directions - the art of patience


My last post was in Last Year! but it's not that there isn't anything going on….

Big changes underway


Finally some forward movement!

Patches of the NCZoo


Polar Bear at North Carolina Zoo habitat opens, but is not out of the woods. Read More...

To Polar Bear or not to Polar Bear, that is the question


The North Carolina Polar Bear Exhibit that I've been working on since 2008 is finally taking shape. We did have a few set-backs, but I thought I'd describe the process as a warning for those expecting a quick turnaround. Read More...

Making a Splash at Zoo Atlanta

tim wpermit NL-splash

I guess I haven’t quite gotten the hang of Blogging as a time specific art form yet. So much has happened that I have let pass without communicating to the blog-sphere – I’m falling down on the job. So now, let me tell you a story about how we brought Wet to the Wild! Read More...